KIEL, WI – (FEBRUARY 2, 2014)

Wind Walker Label is proud to announce the addition of a new CEI 130s slitter/rewinder with the AVT Helios II visual inspection system.

The dual servo driven slitter/rewinder provides consistent tension control at high speeds both improving throughput and quality of finished rolls.

Our new AVT Helios II visual inspection system not only inspects for missing labels, copy, repeat length trending but also compares color to a known good master sample using in-line delta E color measurement anywhere on the product. Additionally, built in archiving and reporting allow for the effective communication of regulatory requirements.

Located in Kiel, Wisconsin, Wind Walker Label has been providing packaging solutions to a wide range of industries for over 20 years. Wind Walker continues to reinvest in the most up-to-date and efficient manufacturing platforms available providing customers with the highest level of quality available in the market.

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