Kitting Technician

Job Location:  Kiel, Wisconsin

Position Type:  Full-Time/Regular

Reports To:  Shift Supervisor



The Kitting Technician is responsible for ensuring that all components that are required for the next assigned job are delivered to the Press Operators, assisting the press operator in the set up and take down of jobs and after the take down process be responsible for cleaning and proper storage of all components while following and supporting the policies, goals and objectives of Wind Walker Label.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Gather Materials needed for make ready on the next production job on each press
  • Locate required mounted plates, tint sleeves, substrates, inks, dyes and cores.
  • Ink stations (ink pan, doctor roll blade and anilox).
  • Stage set-up cart at press.
  1. Assist operator in take down of current job
  • Bring assigned take down cart to press area.
  • Pull anilox and put in tube in take down cart.
  • Drain ink station.
  • Take out print stations and print cylinders.
  • Operator will take out current die.
  1. Assist operator in set up of next job
  • Bring in assigned set-up cart to press area.
  • Mount substrates.
  • Put in print cylinders.
  • Put in print stations.
  • Pour in ink.
  • Turn on station.
  • Set blade.
  1. Wheel away take down cart
  • Clean and properly store all other components.
  1. When time allows
  • File core rack.
  • Fill liquid jugs at press (alcohol, acetates, water, soap and water, etc.).
  • Get any rags or towels for press areas.

Required Skills

  • Self-motivated, organized, detail oriented, mechanically inclined and good hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Basic math ability (add, subtract, multiply, divide) plus computer skills.
  • Ability to read and interpret work orders and specifications.
  • Understand quality standards and produce work to quality standards.
  • Ability to produce quality work within company productivity standards.
  • Knowledge of good departmental and company safety, housekeeping and PPE practices.
  • Understands departmental procedures and policies.
  • Ability to work with senior management and office staff.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team.
  • Willing to work overtime and weekends as needed.


Requires a high school diploma or equivalent

Benefits Available:

  • Competitive Pay
  •  Health, Dental and Life Insurance
  •  Disability Insurance
  •  401(k)
  •  Vacation
  • Holidays