Kitting Technician

Job Location:  Kiel, Wisconsin

Position Type:  Full-Time/Regular

Reports To:  President


Job Description:

This job is to insure that all press operators have the components needed and delivered for their next assigned job. Kitting Technician will also be responsible for assisting the press operator in the set up and take down of jobs. After take down process the Kitting Tech will be responsible for clean up and proper storage of all components used.

Job Duties:

Gather Materials needed for make ready on the next production job on each press.

  1. Mounted Plate Cylinders
  2. Tint sleeves if needed
  3. Inks
  4. Die
  5. Cores
  6. Stage Set up cart at press.

Assist operator in take down of current job.

  1. Pull anilox and Put in Tube in take down cart.
  2. Drain Ink Station
  3. Take out print stations
  4. Take out print cylinders
  5. Operator will take out current die

Assist operator in set up of next job.

  1. Put in print cylinders
  2. Put in print stations
  3. Pour in ink
  4. Turn on station
  5. Set blade

Wheel away take down cart.

  1. Clean up and properly store all components
  2. Place Cylinders and Job jacket on done rack for Mounter to demount, Clean and put away.

*When time allows

– File Core Rack
– File Liquid jugs at press (alcohol, acetates, water, soap and water, etc)
– Get any rags or towels for press
– Help Mounter – Demount, Clean plates and put away plate cylinders. Only the mounter should put away the plate jackets.

Benefits Available:

  • Competitive Pay
  •  Health, Dental and Life Insurance
  •  Disability Insurance
  •  401(k)
  •  Vacation
  • Holidays