Kitting Technician


Job Title:                   Kitting Technician

Job Location:          Kiel, Wisconsin

Position Type:        Full-Time/Regular

Shift:                          2nd Shift


The Kitting Technician is responsible for ensuring that all components that are required for the next assigned job are delivered to the Press Operators, assisting the press operator in the set-up and take down of jobs and after the take down process be responsible for cleaning and proper storage of all components while following and supporting the policies, goals and objectives of Wind Walker Label.

Areas of Responsibility


  1. Locate set-up cart
  2. Gather mounted plates
  3. Locate and mount appropriate tint sleeve(s)
  4. Gather required inks
  5. Gather tooling
  6. Gather rewind cores
  7. Locate Color Standard if required (4 color process)
  8. Deliver set-up Cart to press
  9. Verify correct stock / material(s) staged at press area

Take-down (PPE required)

  1. Bring take-down cart to press
  2. Remove anilox rollers and place in tubes
  3. Drain ink pans
  4. Remove print cassettes and place on cart
  5. Remove print cylinders and place on cart
  6. Wheel take-down cart to wash-up area

Wash-up (PPE required)

  1. Wash aniloxes and wipe or blow dry
    a.Place in anilox washer if stained – cover bearings
    b. Check bearings for wear
    1. Grease if needed
    2. If bearing failure is suspected, notify Supervisor
    c. Place clean aniloxes on take-down cart
  2. Clean doctor blades
    a. Inspect blade, replace as needed
    b. Lightly grease adjusting screw threads
  3. Clean metering roller
    a.Check bearings for wear, notify Supervisor if worn
  4. Clean ink pan
  5. Check drip pan and replace liner/clean as needed
  6. Re-assemble print cassette(s) and place on take-down cart
    a.Verify doctor blade assembly is seated, threaded in partially and secure
  7. Return all components to press
    a. Place aniloxes in correct slot(s) in rack
    b. Install print cassettes and verify correct installation
  8. Un-mount plates, note quantity and clean
    a. Remove any residue on backs with ethyl acetate
    b. Place plates in plate washer
    c. Verify correct number of plates delivered from plate washer
    d. Spot clean as needed
    e. Return plates to plate jacket and return jacket to file box

Required Skills

  • Self-motivated and able to perform with little direction
  • Organized, detail oriented, and able to accurately complete high volumes of work
  • Mechanically inclined and good hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Basic math ability (add, subtract, multiply, divide) plus computer skills.
  • Ability to read and interpret work orders and specifications.
  • Understand quality standards and produce work to quality standards.
  • Ability to produce quality work within company productivity standards.
  • Able to stand for 8-10 hours at a time.
  • Able to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Knowledge of good departmental and company safety, housekeeping and PPE practices.
  • Understands departmental procedures and policies.
  • Ability to work with senior management and office staff.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team.
  • Willing to work overtime and weekends as needed.

Education & Experience

  • High School diploma or equivalent.

Benefits Available

  • Competitive Pay
  • Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Vacation
  • Holidays